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Learn how to quickly build a blog the right way to create a residual income stream from selling digital products & earning affiliate commissions online. For Absolute BEGINNERS to ADVANCED Marketers.

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Build a Blog School is for absolute beginners and those looking to scale to a 7 or 8 figure per year online business. Building a blog is very fast and easy these days. You can be up and running in a matter of hours. Learn from a 20 year web ninja who builds websites for brands that have millions of followers on social media and make 6 to7 figures with their websites. For proof and some mind boggling tips to boost your results view our case studies.


Learn how to properly set up your blog, create a beautiful design, and discover the secrets to all the ways blogs can make money for you.


Put the tools and processes in place to automate your blog, marketing, content creation, leads, and more. Why work when a website can work for you?


Once your blog is built and you’ve put in place the tools and process used to create a residual income sit back, travel, and live life while your blog works for you. *

Hey future web ninja,

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a magical unicorn web developer who can just sit down with you and build you the ultimate money making website – in just one day?

Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble but this magical creature is not just going to appear into your life and bless you with a magical money making creation.

This is why I created Build a Blog School. I want to teach you how to build it yourself with very simple step-by-step video instructions. Working for yourself from your laptop anywhere in the world is very possible these days and more and more people are jumping on board. It just takes a little know how and work on your end to get the machine up and running.

Don’t wait to find your magical unicorn web developer. Start NOW! It’s fast and easy to get started with all the software and tools now available to us online. In one day you can be up and running with the website you need to make it happen.

Understand that this website I’m going to teach you how to build is not a ‘If you build it, they will buy’ thing. It does take some effort on your part to get people to visit your website and produce the content required to build it and make it grow. This is by no means a get rich quick type of thing.

With that being said, I will teach you more advanced things to help accelerate your online business profits and growth. I get into teaching you things like social media automation, Facebook Ads™, traffic strategies, converting sales funnel designs, membership sites, eCommerce stores, lead generation, and more how-to’s to help you achieve your desired goals.

A little more about me – Since 2001, I’ve happily helped over 500 brands with their business adventures online. I’ve built blogs for huge multi-million dollar companies like Lavalife, TimePlay, and Hourglass Workout. I have multiple clients and business partners that earn 6 to 7 figures a year with their blogs and have social media followings in the millions of followers. I currently make a comfortable living with income produced by my blogs and websites and I no longer build websites for anyone, I teach.

I have a background and skills in web design, graphic design, WordPress, SEO, affiliate/email marketing, blogging, and web strategy design. When I build a website I don’t outsource anything. I can build and design the whole project by myself. I understand how everything connects and can always see the big picture when mapping out any business. Cut through all the mis-information out there about building an online business and learn from a web developer pro with over 15 years of experience in web design.

There’s no easier way to learn how to build an online empire than to start here. I hope you’ll join me inside the free members area and take a look at what I’ve put together for you. I’m positive you’ll LOVE it and that it will benefit you HUGE!

Dedicated to helping you achieve your freedom life,

Careers & Opportunities

Apply to teach a Build a Blog School workshop in your city. Earn up to $2,500 to teach 1 class. Or learn how to build a successful career as a WordPress web developer. Discover my secrets to how I built a 6 figure web design company.