Online Business Building Tool

Congratulations on Taking a Step Towards Building Your Freedom Life.

Since we all have different learning abilities, skills, and resources, we’ve created this tool to give you a customized experience that will help you learn how to build an online business as fast and easy as possible. Please answer the questions as accurately as possible to ensure the best learning experience.

How far into your online business journey are you?

I’m a Newbie.

I have no idea how to make money online. I don’t have my own website yet but I’m motivated to begin.

I Just Started.

I already have a website but I don’t know what to do next. I’m ready to learn from a pro and produce some results.

I’m on the Grind.

I’m builidng my email list and I have digital products to sell but I’m not making any money yet or very little.

I‘m Making Money.

I’m already making residual income every month but I’d like to learn how to scale and take my business to the next level.